October 01, 2006
Autumn in Wisconsin
Posted by Gordon Smith

Having grown up in Wisconsin, I cherish the autumn colors. So this afternoon I took some of my children on a drive to the central part of the state, where the trees are still a week or two from their peak colors, but still beautiful.
We passed by some cranberry bogs, which are very close to being harvested. When you look closely, you can see thousands of red berries nestled beneath the vines. At harvest time, the bogs are flooded, and the berries rise to the top. In the meantime, we caught these three Great Blue Herons moving from one field to another (leaving a baby bird, outside the photo, in their wake).
Perhaps the most exciting sight of the day, however, was a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers, working over a dead tree alongside the road in the Necedah Wildlife Refuge. One of the birds flew across the road as I was driving, and I immediately whipped the car around for a closer look. We were quite close, in fact, but it was dusk, and my lack of skill as a photographer resulted in this blurry photo of one of the birds.

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