October 31, 2006
The Economics of Halloween
Posted by Gordon Smith

A reform proposal from Kevin Hassett: "So let's do something to reform Halloween. The first step would be for Halloween donors to give kids money instead of candy. Kids could then go to the supermarket the next day and binge on the candies they really like. That solution would get an A-plus in economics."

Hmm. Hassett's after collective reform, but I have a more tractable goal: personal wealth maximization. By this standard, it seems to me that the most rational course of action -- at least if you live in a neighborhood where vandalism of your home is a remote possibility -- is to leave home and spend the evening trick-or-treating with your kids in Christine's neighborhood!

Anyway, Hassett also broaches that timeless favorite: what is the worst Halloween candy? He nominates t
he Charleston Chew. Never heard of it. Regardless, no candy can compete with the circus peanut. Yuck!

Thanks to Danny Sokol for alerting me to the Hassett article.

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