November 08, 2006
Borat: Anyone Need a Lawyer?
Posted by Gordon Smith

From an interesting discussion on the AALS Contracts listserve, I was directed to a story about how the people who appear in Borat got there:

They would be contacted by a woman calling herself Chelsea Barnard from a fictional film company, One America Productions.

They would be told about the foreign correspondent making a film about life in the US, with the pitch tailored to each person's specialist subject.

Then on the day of the interview, they would be presented with a release form at the last minute, be paid in cash and, finally, Borat would amble in, beginning with some serious subjects before starting his provocative routine.

That release form mentioned in the last paragraph is here. One obvious problem with the release jumps off the page: One America Productions is fictional!

Is Sacha Baron Cohen a "foreign correspondent"? Well, he is British.

The release has a merger clause, but I am wondering about a fraud claim. I think Nate is wondering the same thing.

UPDATE: Here is a complaint filed in California. The first cause of action: fraud.

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