November 08, 2006
Boulder Diary: Dress Code Edition
Posted by Victor Fleischer

The setting:  A "Technology Meetup" in Boulder, where six entrepreneurs get 10 minutes each to pitch their products and get feedback from fellow tech geeks, entrepreneurs, angel investors and VCs.  Every now and then I look to leave the ivory tower and find out what's happening in the real world when entrepreneurs try to finance new ventures.  The focus is on product feedback, not finance, although about one in three questions was about monetization/business model.  I arrive at 6 pm, coming straight from class where, as is my custom, I had worn a suit and tie.   

There were about 80 people in attendance.  Only three women (an interesting demographic observation that I'll write about in a different post.)  I was the only person -- the only one -- wearing a tie. 

    Me:   Hi, I'm Victor Fleischer.

    Entrepreneur:  [John Smith.]  Good to meet you.  I'm the CEO of []. I'm presenting tonight on our new product.  It protects your on-line photos.

He pauses as he looks at my tie, my usual Brooks Brothers number. 

    Entrepreneur (looking confused):  Do you work in marketing? 

Ouch. That's like getting asked if you're a used car salesman.  I guess I looked a little slick for Boulder, where a worn-out fleece is the usual uniform. 

The meeting, by the way, was fascinating.  My favorite pitch was me.dium

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