November 18, 2006
Shall We Talk College Football?
Posted by Gordon Smith

Deep thoughts on college football ...

Michigan is the best one-loss team in the country, but they had their shot today. If the NC game  were played next week, it should feature Ohio State v. USC. And Ohio State would win going away.

How good is the Big East? Over the past month, BCS defenders (see, e.g., Kirk Herbstreit) have been pitching the Big East, even as each flavor of the week turned sour. This week, it was Rutgers' turn to lose. The Big East has no NC contenders anymore, so we can stop the charade. The top three teams coasted against mediocre (or worse) non-conference teams and didn't distinguish themselves in conference games. Pretenders.

Speaking of weak schedules, my Wisconsin Badgers rode an abysmal schedule to a one-loss season. Today I was at Camp Randall as the Badgers handled the Buffalo Bulls. The Badgers are a decent team -- their only loss was a competitive game with Michigan -- but they deserve to be the lowest-ranked one-loss team in the country because they didn't schedule any good non-conference teams. (With Bowling Green, Western Illinois, San Diego State, and Buffalo, Wisconsin can't even use that well-worn excuse, "we didn't realize that they would be in a down year when we scheduled them!")

How good is Notre Dame? The Golden Domers have been feasting on military academies for the last month, but they will get their comeuppance next week against USC.

As long as we are discussing the Irish: Brady Quinn should be invited to New York, but his only function there will be to applaud when Troy Smith wins the Heisman.

Finally, a big congratulations to my alma mater BYU, which clinched the Mountain West Conference championship today by walloping New Mexico. BYU didn't find its groove until the fourth game of the season, but they have been playing as well as anyone since then. Unfortunately, because of their crummy television deal, hardly anyone sees them play. Next victim: Utah.

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