November 01, 2006
Speaking of Business Travel. . .
Posted by Christine Hurt

The NYT has an article today about how working moms view business travel as mini-vacations away from household obligations.  While killing time between appointments, moms may see old friends, get haircuts, or just enjoy peaceful downtime in quiet hotel rooms.  The flipside of this article is a statement about how women multitask even business trips -- getting things done on trips that otherwise are harder to get done.  I know that while on business trips I have done some shopping (kid's clothes, gifts) that was on my global to-do list.

However, when my children were very small, I remember the joy of sleeping in a king-sized bed all to myself, all night long, without anyone trying to sneak in and sleep sideways the rest of the night.  I also enjoyed going to restaurants and not having to eat quickly (just entrees, and may we have the check now please?) before the youngest one melted down.  Even now when my homelife isn't in baby survival, lock-down mode, I find myself on business trips laying awake in my hotel room watching Law & Order until 1:00 a.m. just because I can.

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