December 05, 2006
Are We The Only People Who Do Not Work for Hedge Funds?
Posted by Christine Hurt

So, say you went to Stanford and are a smartie.  Your parents both attended law school at Yale and, at least when they were younger, practiced law.  They then went into politics and public service.  After graduation, you follow in your father's footsteps and become a Rhodes scholar, then return to the U.S.  You could just be a party girl, but that's not for you.  You want a career.  A real career.  Should you go to law school?  No way.  You go to work for a hedge fund.

Chelsea Clinton, 26, now works for a hedge fund, Avenue Capital Group.  After beginning her career as a consultant at McKinsey, she will now (according to People magazine) "easily double her six-figure starting pay at her old job" and travel less.  Her boyfriend is an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.  The new power couple?

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