December 30, 2006
Friday Night Strobe Lights at Skateland
Posted by Christine Hurt

Apropos of Gordon's post on his ignorance of popular music (I knew none of the listed songs, by the way), I was reminded of our family's outling last night to Skateland, the local roller skating rink.  Our kids wanted to try out their new roller blades, so we headed over.  My memories of skating at the roller rink involve disco balls and the pounding rhythms of The Eagles' "There's Going to be a Heartache Tonight."  And of course, there always was a heartache, with some poor 7th grade girl crying in the bathroom because some guy didn't show/broke up/skated the slow skate with someone else. 

Well, last night at Skateland, the songs of choice were rap songs with repeated lyrics that are unrepeatable here.  There was no slow skate, no disco ball.  I didn't see gangs of girls huddled around a pay phone trying to find out if someone was on their way; instead I saw people skating with their cell phones.  I guess nothing stays the same!

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