December 20, 2006
People's "Hall of Shame"
Posted by Christine Hurt

Last Saturday my copy of People's Best (and Worst) of 2006 arrived in my mailbox.  In glancing through the year's best movies, songs, and books as well as noteworthy weddings, births and divorces, I noticed a 1/2 page box with the title "Hall of Shame."  The six scandals depicted were the O.J. Simpson non-book, Congressman Mark Foley's preying on teenage pages, Pastor Ted Haggard's secret relationship with a male prostitute, John Mark Karr's non-confession to having been with a child beauty queen (and worse) when she died, the e. coli-ridden spinach and Patricia Dunn's "allegedly spying on her own board of directors."  Wow.  That seems like an odd addition to the list.

The rationale that pops to mind is that People editors didn't want it just to be a list of middle-aged men who clearly have some issues in the love and romance department.  So let's throw in a vegetable and a corporate female?  (Here are some of Gordon's postings on Dunn's action, in case you need a refresher for that 15 minutes.)  Can anyone think of better nominees for the 2006 Hall of Shame?

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