January 16, 2007
Belated MLK Day Post
Posted by Christine Hurt

Sorry that I missed more day-appropriate MLK Day blogging yesterday; our family stole one more "home day" before Winter Break is officially over!  We did revive our annual (six years running) tradition of having neighbors over for birthday cake in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We were first invited over for MLK birthday cake by our neighbors (transplanted from Atlanta) in Houston, and we have carried the tradition to Milwaukee and now Champaign.  (We heard yesterday that our neighbors in Milwaukee were continuing the tradition last night.)  Although sort of a weak attempt at honoring Dr. King, we at least pause to make the day special for our kids and to turn the eating of cake (before dinner, no less) into a teachable moment.  Last night, the older kids watched the full 9 minute "I Have a Dream Speech" and astonished me with their riveted attention.  I'm not sure if we can teach the entire history of race relations and the lingering threat of unconscious/subconscious bigotry in between bites of cake, but hopefully we can instill in them the mission that at times we must be very brave and try to change the world.

For one of our most-linked posts, here is a post from MLK Day two years ago.

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