January 01, 2007
Happy New Year!
Posted by Gordon Smith

Happy New Year, everyone! I decided to wait for the end of Nnew Year's Day so that I could comment on college football. I will be heading to DC tomorrow for the AALS Annual Meeting, and I suspect I won't see another game until next Monday. A few thoughts ...

  • Way to go, Badgers! Wisconsin did not play particularly well, but they made enough plays. Some schools have a tradition of winning bowl games (BC and Utah spring to mind as recent examples), and Wisconsin is establishing that tradition, having won nine of 12 bowls since 1993. For the past month, people have been saying that Michigan might deserve consideration for the national championship if they defeated USC (which they didn't) and Florida beat Ohio State (which they won't). Anyway, Wisconsin now finds itself with a better record than Michigan. Why not Wisconsin? After all, that lone loss to Michigan was a long time ago.
  • Of course, the stronger case for national championship consideration if Ohio State lost next Monday would be Boise State. Wow! What an amazing finish! By both teams. Boise State beat every team on its schedule, and a playoff would give them a shot at a national title. (Did you see Ian Johnson propose to the cheerleader after the game?)
  • Speaking of Michigan ... ack! That was not good football. With four bowl losses in a row, I think it's time for Lloyd Carr to hire Barry Alvarez as a consultant on how to prepare for bowl games.
  • How did USC lose to UCLA?

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