February 19, 2007
Movie Blogging: Bridge to Terabithia
Posted by Christine Hurt

I haven't blogged about a kids' movie lately, so here are some thoughts about the new release Bridge to Terabithia.  I took my third-grader (age 7) to see it yesterday, and she was probably at the young end of the movie's demographic.  I never read the book as a child (couldn't get into it), but my daughter has the book in her 3rd/4th grade classroom.

First of all, know that the movie breaks the cardinal rule of children's movies:  a main character dies.  I prepared Carter for this eventuality.  I spend most of my time watching movies with my kids saying, "Don't worry [x] can't die because [x] is the star!"  (I've also been telling myself this all week because I'm worried about Meredith Grey!)  Well, that doesn't work here.  When the death happens, both Carter and I cried for a very long time. 

The movie is probably worth the pain, though.  It's a good depiction of a platonic girl-boy friendship.  The girl is good at "boy" things, and the boy is good at "girl" things, and the two have a discussion about this.  Both kids are unpopular at school, but for different reasons, but they are (of course) very easy for the audience to love.  The book is also a good PR campaign for the imagination:  the kids create a magical world that has its stage behind their houses but really exists in their minds.  Their friendship exists not on IM or on MySpace but in those hours between school letting out and dinner when they are physically present for each other outside.  Remember outside?  Remember your best friend in 7th grade?  I do.

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