April 06, 2007
Benedict T. Casnocha
Posted by Gordon Smith

In the 1970s, one of my favorite bands was Bachman Turner Overdrive. BTO's first album was released in 1973 and after five albums in three years, the group released "Best of BTO (So Far)" in 1976. They didn't have enough material to make a legitimate "greatest hits" album, but you probably could sing along with many of these songs: "Takin' Care of Business," "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," "Roll On Down The Highway," "Hey You," "Let It Ride," etc.

The band never had another hit.

I have always remembered "Best of BTO" as sort of a cautionary tale about the risks of premature celebration. (Leon Lett didn't come along until 1993.) So when I hear that the 19-year-old founder of Comcate has written a book entitled My Startup Life, my first thought is that we may be witnessing a shark jumping. But I have been reading Ben Casnocha's blog over the past few days, and I am impressed. Not just impressed in a nice-work-for-a-19-year-old way, but really impressed. Ben reads widely, and he has some interesting insights about what he reads.

Brad Feld is gushing about the book, and it is now on my summer reading list. After all, even if Ben never had another hit, the book could be worth reading.

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