April 20, 2007
Going Google?
Posted by Gordon Smith

With my impending move to BYU (and the resulting change in my work computer), I am contemplating another change in my work environment: going Google. I have been a Microsoft user from the beginning of time, but this seems like the right time to change some of my software. I would substitute Gmail and Google Calendar for Outlook; Google Spreadsheets for Excel; and Google Presentations for PowerPoint.

Ok, maybe not that last one. Google doesn't have a presentation program (yet), and I am invested in PowerPoint more deeply than I am invested in Outlook or Excel. If Google wants me to use its presentation software, it will need to provide a converter for all of my PowerPoint slides.

By the way, "Mail Fetcher" and "Better Gmail" finally put me over the top on email. I haven't tried Google Calendar or Google Spreadsheets, yet, but my needs in both areas are simple. I also plan to use my Personalized HomepageGoogle Reader, and maybe even Google Talk.

If you have taken the Google plunge already, I would be curious to hear your thoughts or advice.

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