April 02, 2007
House Hunting in Utah
Posted by Gordon Smith

Three days looking at houses in Utah County. My brain is fried.

At a moment, I am both a prospective seller (in Wisconsin) and a prospective buyer (in Utah), and I could use a little closure. The funniest moment of the weekend was when I went to the Verizon store with my two oldest children to get new phones. I asked the sales rep to explain the options, which took about three minutes, then I turned to my children and said: "Ok, you heard what she said. Decide now." (They just laughed at me.)

Many of the homes we visited included "mother-in-law" apartments, most of which were rented to BYU students. Actually, I could see us doing this after our children leave home. Not for the money but for the company. When we were a young, married couple, we lived in a basement apartment below a wonderful elderly couple. We played cards and watched old movies together several nights a week. That was a wonderful experience.

After much searching, we finally submitted a bid on a home at 11 pm on Saturday evening, but the Seller's agent would not transmit the bid to her clients on Sunday. "We don't do business on Sunday in Utah County."

So I remain in suspense.

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