April 26, 2007
Widget Stats
Posted by Gordon Smith

Most blogs have several widgets. Some bloggers are widget crazy. We at Conglomerate are very discriminating in our use of widgets, but I found this survey of the Top 50 widgets from Lijit quite interesting ...


By far the most popular category of widgets is analytics (about two-thirds of blogs have at least one analytics widget), and Google is the leader by a mile. Some surprises (to me):

  • Only 22% of blogs have Sitemeter. That widget seems ubiquitous among the blogs on my reading list.
  • MyBlogLog appears on almost 15% of blogs, but it seems not to have hit the law professor blogs, yet.
  • Truth Laid Bear looks to be on less than 4% of blogs. There was a time when everyone had the Ecosystem widget, it seemed. We took it off a long time ago.
  • The Twitter widget appears on as many blogs as the Amazon Associates widget.
  • I have never heard of about half of those widgets.

HT Brad Feld.

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