April 21, 2007
Yahoo & Whole Foods
Posted by Gordon Smith

I usually don't talk about stock investing on the blog, partly because almost all of my (limited) money is invested in index funds and partly because I am a horrible investor. (To remind me of that fact, my Ameritrade account retains an entry for Webvan, which I thought would be a blockbuster!) I have a small fund from my Skadden 401(k) that I use to invest in two or three stocks at a time, just for fun. This is a post about my most recent investments.

A year and a half ago, I made a fair return on investment in Yahoo! Since I sold that stock, it has dropped over $10 per share. Yahoo! has been struggling, especially over the past few weeks, and many think the company is in trouble. Paul Kedrosky and I disagree. So earlier this week, after a precipitous drop in Yahoo!'s share price, I went back in. This is the first time I have purchased shares in hopes that the company would become a takeover target. But I'm hoping that for Yahoo! (Especially since the stock price has continued to decline since I invested.)

Also earlier this week, I was buying some cheese and bread in Whole Foods and thinking about how much I love the food in that store. The last time I checked the company's stock price, it was at a ridiculous level, but when I check earlier this week, it had declined to merely "expensive." So I bought in. Since then, it has increased 3.57%. Not bad for three days.

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