May 04, 2007
Josh Wright on "Clinton, Obama, and Wal-Mart"
Posted by Gordon Smith

Josh Wright calls for more than soundbites on Wal-Mart:

A welfare increase of 6.5% for the lowest income quintile is enormous. How many government programs create that kind of welfare benefit? Can you name one? If there are serious arguments to be launched against Wal-Mart, and surely some of these politicians are serious (right?), they must embrace the reality that Wal-Mart has produced enormous benefits for Americans as a whole and especially lower and middle-lower class Americans.

You will want to read the whole post, all the way to the end, so that you can see Jason Furman's defense of Wal-Mart as a "progressive success story."

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about the Wal-Mart debate is that Hillary Clinton, as a former director of Wal-Mart, is so well positioned to advance the debate. Instead, she parrots the same old talking points. Nice display of leadership.

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