June 21, 2007
Run It Like a Business
Posted by David Zaring

Politicians like Mitt Romney tout their business experiences as a reason for election.  Al Gore sought to reinvent government to make it run more like a business.  And I think that regulators have increasingly adopted the language of business when they do their jobs - say, by promulgating "best practices" instead of rules.  My future colleague Cary Coglianese calls this management-based regulation.

I suspect that the increasing use of the language and methods of business in government regulation is one of the more notable changes in regulation in the current era (others might point to the ever increasing power of the presidency/OMB, or e-government, or perhaps the war on terror).  But am I right about this?  I wondered if the readers of this blog had any thoughts.  Do you have a favorite business buzzphrase that you're seeing generals, regulators, or heck, whoever, use?

I'm looking for interesting examples because I'm hoping to write a book called "From Good to Great [Bureaucracy]."  (I kid.)  But if it turns into a wiki, I promise to share the revenues equally with the readers of the Glom, as any good anarcho-syndicalist businessman might.

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