July 31, 2007
Law Blogger Census at Concurring Opinions
Posted by Christine Hurt

Dan Solove has made his (semi-annual, now annual) contribution to the study of the blogosphere:  Law Professor Blogger Census 2007.  Readers are giving Dan corrections, etc., so the chart may change over the next few days.  Specifically, Dan is asking for information on "deadwood bloggers":  bloggers who are listed on the blog's "letterhead" but haven't posted for two months or longer.  The elimination of these bloggers should change many of the rankings as the big "faculty blogs" list many professors as bloggers, but a smaller number post with any frequency, or even post at all.

And of course, I have to note that the University of Illinois has 8 bloggers!  We even have our own web page:  http://www.law.uiuc.edu/blogs/.  Andrew Morriss has not been listed yet as he is transitioning from Case Western, but I'm sure our web magician will be on that right away.

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