July 10, 2007
More Move Blogging
Posted by Gordon Smith

I really will shift away from blogging about my move eventually, but I am curious to get some feedback on an issue that has been troubling me: does every new homeowner learn to dislike the prior owners?

We went through all of the usual due diligence procedures when buying our new home, except that we had a friend and our real estate agent do the final walk-through, since we were still in Wisconsin at the time. Actually, they were pretty attentive to most of the details, but there is nothing like living in a house to reveal all of its secrets. Like the dog puke under the kitchen sink. Ugh!

I have been particularly disappointed in the number of burned-out lightbulbs. We have replaced at least 50 lightbulbs of all shapes and sizes in the past week! Our friend noted this on the final walk-through, but the sellers' agent shrugged it off, saying that in Utah, as long as a socket has a bulb, the sellers are not responsible to ensure that the bulb is working. I have no idea whether that is the local custom, but our real estate agent stepped up to the plate an bought a bunch of replacement bulbs. Still, the way I was raised, there is a right way and a wrong way to treat people, and the sellers compromised their reputation with us over a bag of lightbulbs. The kicker was when the sellers' agent -- now one of our neighbors -- told me that they wanted to leave the home in "pristine condition."

Anyway, as we have discovered these and other (mostly minor) surprises, we have become increasingly frustrated with the prior owners. And all the time I have been wondering whether the new owners of my Wisconsin home are thinking the same thing about us, even though we spent several hours with a bunch of friends scouring the house after the walk-through precisely because we didn't want them to have such thoughts.

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