July 10, 2007
USA v. Germany: Part II
Posted by Gordon Smith

I posted Part I of this series a few weeks back from my hotel in Berlin. I was reminded of another big difference between Americans and Germans (Europeans?) when I read this snippet from a report about Live Earth:

Given a choice of four major issues before the United States today, 36% named the war in Iraq as most important. Twenty-five percent (25%) named immigration, 20% selected the economy and only 12% thought Global Warming was the top issue.

I heard people proclaim more than once during my recent stint in Brussels and Berlin that the most important political issue in Germany -- indeed, in most of Europe -- was climate change. The Europeans seem focused on this issue to a degree that is unimaginable in the U.S. Notice the prominence of the issue in this recent interview with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. By contrast, neither Mitt nor Rudy lists the issue among the top ten (though Mitt features "energy independence," he does not tie this to global warming). Hillary and Barack, on the other hand, both feature this issue alongside "energy independence."

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