August 17, 2007
Are You Having a High School Musical 2 Premiere Party?
Posted by Christine Hurt

Hsm If you are lucky enough to be spared daily doses of the Disney Channel, you may be completely unaware of the fact that today is the worldwide premiere of High School Musical 2, the sequel to High School Musical!  The original made-for-TV movie was the most successful Disney original movie ever, and the soundtrack was the best-selling album of 2006, selling 3.7 million copies between March and December of that year.  (I have to admit, the soundtrack is quite catchy.)  Our eight-year-old daughter has been invited to not one, but two premiere parties tonight.

I think in 7th grade English we were told that there a a handful of basic plots that are used over and over:  man v. man; man v. himself; man v. the environment, etc.  I think my teacher left out the most popular recurring plot ever:  High school clique v. high school clique.  High School Musical is basically a G-rated Grease update with less tension and more personal growth.  (Wikipedia seems to think that both HSM and Grease are updates of Romeo and Juliet.  That seems wrong; West Side Story was an update of Romeo and Juliet.)

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