October 23, 2007
Harvard, Poker, and the WTO
Posted by David Zaring

Harvard Professor Charlie Nesson loves poker so much, he thinks it should be taught to adolescents.  Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz claims to play in the summers with Larry David.  Now they are both somehow using their criminal and cyber skills to get involved in the defense of poor little Antigua's so-far successful efforts to force the US to let in its online poker providers.

How successful?  Well, successful enough that the US has just tried to make online gaming a new issue in the Doha round.  It's also in talks to pay billions in damages to Antigua and other countries with online poker providers based on the litigation so far.  But settling out of court may not be enough for Antigua, which has a hole card in the WTO tribunal itself, before which the island country is seeking the right to slap $3.4 billion in punitive tariffs on American intellectual property.

So maybe Nesson and Dershowitz aren't WTO experts.  But they do know a laydown hand when they see one.

With apologies to Vic - our poker guy - for glomming onto the subject of the post.

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