October 21, 2007
Polish Voters Strike Blows for Business and for Europe
Posted by Gordon Smith

Donald Tusk of the Civic Platform Party will become the new prime minister of Poland, ousting Jaroslaw Kaczynski of the Law and Justice Party. Even if you don't follow Polish politics, you may recall the prominent role played by the Kaczynski twins (Jaroslaw and his brother, Lech, who remains as Poland's President) in disrupting last summer's negotiations over a new treaty for the European Union.

Poland's people favor Europe much more than the Kaczynski twins, and it appears that Poles are tired of the divisive leaders, who rode into office on a platform of "fighting corruption, exposing communist-era collaborators, and helping those who felt left out by reforms that transformed Poland into a capitalist economy 18 years ago." In contrast, Tusk and the Civic Platform Party are focused on the future, with promises of free-market reforms.

Exit polls suggest that the Civic Platform Party will come away with over 40% of the vote, but in the absence of an absolute majority, the Civic Platform Party will form a coalition government with the Polish Peasants Party. So the pro-business party will join with the party of the peasants, having defeated law and justice?

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