November 29, 2007
'Tis the Season
Posted by Jennifer O'Hare

I know the holiday season is here.  Not just because the prospect of writing (and grading) exams is looming large, and not because my local shopping mall is completely tricked-out with festive decorations.  I know it's here because I've been on a desperate hunt for various hard to find toys for various family members.  My nephew wants a raccoon Webkinz.  My local toy stores have lots of Webkinz.  They have dogs, they have bears.  They even have a very cute penguin.  But no raccoons!  And my niece wants a "Bulls-eye Ball" game.  I didn't even know what a Bulls-eye Ball game was, let alone where to find one!  I prefer to support my local retailers when I can, but I have to admit that Amazon and eBay have saved me this holiday season!

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