December 06, 2007
The Corporate Law Curriculum
Posted by Jennifer O'Hare

Like many law schools, my law school is currently conducting a curriculum review.  The Task Force has been asked to find ways to "re-imagine" our curriculum, to make it more relevant to students and, specifically, to find ways to keep 3Ls engaged in their last year of study.  I'm not on the Task Force, but I've been doing some thinking on ways to improve the corporate law curriculum. 

We have what I would characterize as a fairly traditional corporate law curriculum:  a four-credit survey course in Business Organizations followed by a good number of business law electives, including Securities Regulation, M&A, Corp Fin, etc.  Because we're located so close to Philadelphia, we're fortunate to draw on some highly-skilled adjuncts to teach classes in specialized areas, such as Financial Services Law and Mutual Fund Regulation.  We don't have a certificate program in corporate law, but we do offer a joint JD/MBA degree. 

I know that providing students with more drafting and counseling opportunities would be beneficial.  And so would helping our students obtain better knowledge of business basics.  But I'm trying to think outside the box. 

So . . . anybody aware of any law schools that have done something new and different to their corporate law curricula? 

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