December 14, 2007
The Vistaprint-Businessmax Scam
Posted by Gordon Smith

The first time this entry appeared on my Discovercard bill, I assumed that my wife had purchased some office supplies online:

AP9*BUSINESSMAX 888-584-2217 CT       $ 14.95        Merchandise/ Retail

When it appeared three months in a row, I decided to investigate. One Google search led me to the Ripoff Report, which linked Businessmax to VistaPrint. Sure enough, my wife had purchased address labels from VistaPrint shortly after our move. In clicking an offer to receive a "free" address stamp with the order (in fact, VistaPrint charged us for the stamp, too), she inadvertently enrolled in a Businessmax membership program with uncertain benefits.

Based on the volume of complaints posted on various internet sites, lots of people have been surprised by their enrollment in Businessmax. Indeed, when I called Discovercard to dispute the charges, I got only as far as "AP9" before the customer service representative said, "Is this a Businessmax charge?"

While Discovercard was removing those charges from my account, I was calling the number above to ensure that we would not be subject to continuing charges. A fellow named "Morton" could not have been more cooperative. It's almost as if we caught him with his hand in the cookie jar.

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