January 31, 2008
Keeping Up With The Volokhs
Posted by David Zaring

Orin Kerr reports on the generally increasing number of citations to the Volokh Conspiracy in Westlaw's JLR (that's its journals and law reviews) database.  The massive and cranky team of right-wingers had 69 such citations in 2006 and 43 so far in 2007-denominated journals, more of which will likely be added to the database.  How does the younger, more specialized, and dare I say kinder and gentler Glom stack up?

By my count, we've had 17 cites in 2007 and 20 cites in 2006.  Which is about exactly where the conspirators were during their first two years of existence (they had 14 in 2004 and 22 in 2005).  The Glom cites were to a wide variety of posts as well - the regular ones, the virtual workshops, and sometimes even to the comments left on posts.

Of course, if Orin used my methodology ((conglomerate /5 (blog weblog)) theconglomerate! theconglomerate.org! www.theconglomerate.org! in JLR), he might get himself a few, but not many, more hits.

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