February 16, 2008
Jerome Kerviel's Employment
Posted by Gordon Smith

Over the past few weeks, I have heard several condemnations of French employment law prompted by the well-publicized inability of Société Générale to terminate Jerome Kerviel for his trading activities. The suggested lesson for Americans: we are lucky to have employment at will as the default rule because it encourages employment (and, thus, economic development).

Certainly, one of the oft-cited impediments to entrepreneurship in Europe is employment law, but it turns out that the facts underlying Kerviel's activities are messier than first presented. We have emails showing that Kerviel had an accomplice, right? Not so fast ... the purported accomplice now says that the emails were altered to make him look more involved with Kerviel than he actually was. And Kerviel's lawyer says that the accomplice is a fabrication designed to keep Kerviel locked up.

Of course, Kerviel's position remains that SocGen was complicit in the fraud. Or, in the words of Kerviel's lawyer, "everyone knew what Jérôme was doing." Which means, interestingly, that one of the live questions in the case is whether Kerviel is entitled to his year-end bonus! (French version. HT Alan Hyde)

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