March 15, 2008
Dancing in the Streets
Posted by Gordon Smith

Yesterday I attended BYU Law School's annual Awards Banquet & Barrister's Ball. In addition to being the sort of person who supports Law School events, I was especially looking forward to dancing with my wife. We are not going to appear on television anytime soon, but we know a few basic steps and make the most of it.

When I entered the ballroom, the first person I saw was our associate dean, who said, "Congratuations, Gordon."

"What did I do?"
"No one called you?"
"No. What are you talking about?"

He showed me the program which indicated that I was to receive the "Student Bar Association First Year Professor of the Year Award." Cool!

Last semester, I taught a "small section" (50 students) of first-year Contracts. The students and I had a wonderful experience introducing each other to BYU Law School. I don't know whether students realize how much we professors value our relationships with them, but here is a shout-out to that class: Thanks!

By the way, when my children saw the plaque, they were unimpressed. "How many professors at BYU are in their first year? You're the only one, right?"

I can always count on my children to keep me grounded.

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