March 12, 2008
My Second Favorite Podcast
Posted by Gordon Smith

Aside from my daily dose of Marketplace, which I listen to while walking to work each morning, my favorite podcast is Stanford's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders, which accompanies me on the walk home. Today I listened to a 2005 conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and Jim Breyer (Accel Partners) about Facebook.

Zuckerberg presents Facebook as a classic whiz-kid startup, where fortuity seems to fill center stage. No mention of ConnectU, but lots of entertaining stories, like the one about Zuckerberg's Harvard roommate who wanted to help with the company and read "Perl for Dummies" over one weekend to learn programming. When the roommate presented himself to Zuckerberg as "ready to help," Zuckerberg observed, "Dude, it's not written in Perl." Zuckerberg also reveals that he loves to muck around in the data generated by Facebook, bragging that he could predict future relationships on the site at a rate over one-third. Scary how much we reveal online ...

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