April 28, 2008
Life, Art & Hannah Montana
Posted by Christine Hurt

It sounds like the plot of a Hannah Montana episode: 

Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart is super-excited when she finds out that she's going to be photographed by one of the most famous celebrity photographers around, known for her artsy magazine photos that reveal her subjects' inner characters.  However, her excitement turns to embarassment when the published pictures turn out to be well, less artsy than revealing.

Unfortunately, this is real life.  Vanity Fair magazine is about to hit the stands with a photo shoot of Miley Cyrus by Annie Leibowitz that features the 15-year-old clothed only in a satin bedsheet, with rumpled hair and much skin revealed.  (NYT story here.)  The Miley Cyrus camp is now claiming that MIley is surprised by how revealing the pictures are and that she thought the pictures would be "artsy."  Leibowitz is saying that Miley's "parents/minders" were there all day and saw the digital pictures as they were being shot.  (Vanity Fair has even posted a video of the shoot to back up this claim, although the video pictures both Miley and her dad in different outfits outside.)  The pictures throw Miley in even a more embarassing light as a quote from Miley is printed across them -- a quote in which she states that Britney and Lindsey have good hearts and are "struggling."

Of course, in the TV show, Miley's dad, Robby Stewart, played by her real-life dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, would have stopped the shoot the second someone said, "OK, now Miley we want you to take all your clothes off and just wrap yourself in this sheet."  We have to wonder why none of her parents/minders jumped in during real life.  It's obvious why a photographer known for controversial celebrity photographs would want to get pictures of a 15-year-old squeaky clean Disney actress with bedhead in a bedsheet, but the parents that allow it seem to have to carry the heavy blame here.

At least I never stood in line for Hannah Montana tickets. . . .Gordon?

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