July 06, 2008
Camp Steiner
Posted by Gordon Smith

I am packing for a few days at Camp Steiner with my twins. Camp Steiner is the highest Scout Camp in the United States (elevation 10,400 feet), and the following was taken from a story in the Deseret News last week:

Camp Steiner, a High Uintas Camp in the Great Salt Lake Scout Council, will still open for the season today as planned, despite unusually wet and muddy conditions there....

   Kay Godfrey, spokesman for the Great Salt Lake Council, said Camp Steiner is opening at its regular time.

   "They'll open up just fine," he said. "A little wetter than usual."

He said the camp still has 2 feet of snow under some trees, but the council punched the road through to the camp a few weeks early this year to ensure it dried out.

From flooding in Wisconsin to a typhoon in Hong Kong to this. I am very much counting on my trip to Laguna Niguel on Thursday to salvage my summer travel.

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