July 06, 2008
Law: Through the Prism of the New Deal Bureaucracy
Posted by David Zaring

Have you seen Dan Ernst's excellent series of posts on the evolution of American bureaucracy at the Legal History blog?  Here's an overview and a primer on Dan Carpenter's approach to bureaucratic history.  Here's a great primary source on the downside of price controls during WWII.  Here's a pedagogical take on the case that might have precipitated the NLRA ("Debs decisively resolved lingering doubts about whether the equitable remedy of injunction was available in labor dispute," Ernst says).  And finally, here's a heap of 1930s realism, e.g., how international law is bunk (to Jerome Franck, at least), and double e.g., about how corporate law is bunk (to James Dill, at least).  Well worth reading, if you like your history. 

Okay, just a couple more: this is why Harvard men are so great, at least as far as the Department of Agriculture was concerned.

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