August 18, 2008
Family Film Blogging: The Clone Wars
Posted by Christine Hurt

Although I repeatedly made statements that I would not see The Clone Wars, on Sunday I found myself saying to my favorite first-grade guy, "So, who's coming with me to see The Clone Wars?"  And, you know, it wasn't the worst way to pass a hot August afternoon -- air conditioning, good popcorn, caffeine-free diet pepsi from the fountain (yes!), and a perfectly good cartoon Star Wars movie.  When my husband asked me how it was, I honestly said, "It is at least as good as Episode II, and the acting may be better."

This movie is not really directed at me, or the sort of run-of-the-mill adult who remembers going to see Episodes IV, V and VI with fondness.  This movie is for the die-hard Star Wars people who know all about the clone wars even though they were barely mentioned in Episode III.  They have read the thousands of books that Star Wars has generated, even though you and I are oblivious to their very existence.  The movie is also for die-hard children who play Star Wars video games.  Much of the movie, according to my first grader, is straight from Lego Star Wars.  Who knew?  So, although I thought it at least wasn't a bad movie, Luke kept poking me and going "This is the awesomest!"  So, if Commander Cody and Captain Rex are household words in your household, you should go check it out.

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