September 26, 2008
ChristyTV Blogging: Grey's Anatomy
Posted by Christine Hurt

Whenever I meet new people who say that they read the blog, about half of them say they always read the Family Film Blogging entries -- who knew?  So, I thought I would start a new category:  ChristyTV Blogging.  Like everyone else, my life is so crazy this month with meetings, travel and deadlines, but I did carve out some special folding laundry time with Grey's Anatomy last night.  There were actually two things that came up during the show that I think are relevant to our discussions here on Conglomerate about law and legal education, but first the chit-chat.

I got a little tired of the "gotchas" in the 2-hour season premiere.  So all of the momentous things you thought were going to happen because of the promos were dreams (yes, just like Bobby Ewing), pranks or jokes.  Grrrr.  That got old.  Grey's has become to me like 90210 in the 1990s.  I don't like Meredith.  She's not likeable, just like Brenda.  I like Izzy, who doesn't seem to be catching much of a plot line these days.  And they keep cutting her hair.  Izzy would be gorgeous bald, but why don't we focus on her character development and not so much on her hair?  But the burning question for me is whether Kevin McKidd (remember Rome and Journeyman, the show the writer's strike killed?) is going to be a regular character.  Kevin McKidd is just like a TV-version of Daniel Craig for me, and well, I won't say anything more because I know that my husband reads the blog, but I have yet to meet a woman who has seen Casino Royale who doesn't feel the same way.

OK, back to the issues.  So, the show opens with Seattle Grace angsting about rankings!  So, in the world of teaching hospitals, their surgical program fell from 2nd place to 12th.  Yikes!  And that sent them from being a Trauma I hospital to a Trauma II.  Now, I know nothing about medical schools, hospitals, or teaching hospitals, but I thought this was a fascinating choice for a plot line.  Also, as a reaction to a fall in the rankings, the chief chose to focus on tightening up the teaching aspect.  I have no idea what the criteria are that teaching hospitals are judged on (it seems to be on mortality, reputation, etc.), but it would be interesting to see how the show maps on to reality.  (This USNWR ranking seems close to the one discussed in the show, with the same non-imaginary hospitals showing up in sort of the same order as mentioned.  Surgery is not one of the specialties ranked by USNWR, however.)

Second, I was really upset by the work environment effects of McDreamy's break-up with Rose.  For non-viewers, McDreamy (Derek) is supposedly the best neurosurgeon in the world who deluded a surgical nurse into believing he was over his ex, only to seduce the nurse and then go back to his ex in a matter of days.  The nurse, Rose, is understandably upset and makes one or two verbal jabs at him during surgery.  Of course, it's not like anyone else at Seattle Grace ever goes off-topic in the OR, spilling their own guts during surgery, telling their superiors to shut up, or telling off fellow doctors.  These jabs from Rose, however, seem unacceptable to McDreamy (who we are supposed to love, love, love) so he suggests she transfer to another unit.  Her response that he should transfer is laughed off (what, me, superneurosurgeon retool because of a love affair -- preposterous).  Eventually, she transfers to Pediatrics from Surgery.  What?  Is this the acceptable solution?  And we are supposed to admire McDreamy for this?  He has sexual relations with a co-worker, after assuring her over weeks and weeks that he is serious about her, breaks up with her abruptly, and feels like the best solution is for the co-worker to change jobs?  Wow.  I don't like Derek very much now either (or the boneheaded, sexist writers, who just wanted an easy way to get Rose out of the picture).

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