September 10, 2008
One Small Tidbit for FRC Candidates
Posted by Christine Hurt

I do want to make one last point about the nerve-wrecking waiting for interviews/waiting for offers game:  Many times you will get a call for an interview at the last minute because someone else cancelled.  Or, you may get an offer from a school because the first person they offered the job to turned them down.  So, what?  It's almost like the punch line for a derivative joke -- What do you call the guy that gets the backup offer at [Fill in school]  University?  Professor.  If you weren't acceptable, you wouldn't get the interview or the offer.  There are nearly 1000 people in the registry, remember?  No one is settling for anyone here.  To take the 1000 candidates down to 25 interviewees is necessarily a bit random and arbitrary.  The fact that someone is #26 as opposed to #25 is not very scientific at all.  A very smart professor told me once that she had made a brilliant career out of being the second choice, and I think I've made a great career out of being #26.

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