September 09, 2008
Syndicating The Conglomerate
Posted by Gordon Smith

RSS may be the single greatest invention of the Internet age. I have been using Google Reader since "Going Google" in the spring of last year, and I have been proselyting the virtues of RSS feed readers ever since. If you read material from multiple sources on the Internet and you don't use a feed reader, do yourself a favor and try it. Of course, your first subscription should be The Conglomerate!

While you're at it, sign up for our new Facebook Blog Network and our new LinkedIn Group. Blog Networks are entirely new to Facebook, and we are interested to see how they evolve, but we need to attract a minumum number of Facebook Readers (20) before all of the features will work. LinkedIn has had groups forever, as far as I can tell, but only recently has LinkedIn added the capability to create discussions. Again, we are not sure whether that will have any value to us as we grow The Conglomerate community, but we would like to keep an eye on it.

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