October 06, 2008
Topic Fatigue: Women, Blogging, Etc., Etc.
Posted by Christine Hurt

About a month ago, a reporter called and asked my views on "why don't more women blog?"  My first response was whether this topic had not been beaten to death.  Ugh.  So, basically I had two responses.  The first, which I've given many times before, is that blogging is actually a great way for any scholar, particularly a scholar-parent trying to find a good balance, to meet the goals of going to conferences on a weekly basis (networking, marketing, learning, brainstorming), without leaving home.  Second, I said that the question should be tabled until someone mines the emprical data.  Do women and men law professors enter the blogosphere at the same rate?  Do women leave at a higher rate?  Are departures by women prompted by the same sorts of reasons that men give?  Time?  Comment trolls?  Lack of readership?  Unpleasantness of the enterprise?  Surely by now we have enough hard data, surveys could be conducted, etc.

So, the article, Where Are All the Female Law Bloggers, is up now on Law.com, with discussions with other female law bloggers, including Mary Dudziak (Legal History Blog) and Kathy Bergin (The Faculty Lounge).  Mary responded on her own blog here.  Ann Althouse posted her own reaction here.

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