March 23, 2009
Eagle Scout Project: Cleaning the Provo River Parkway
Posted by Gordon Smith

This is how I spent Saturday morning ...


One of my 12-year-old twins organized a cleanup of a stretch of the Provo River Parkway. Among other things, I noticed the high density of garbage under the overpasses. At first I thought this might be a result of the passing cars, but on further reflection -- and closer inspection of the site -- I am pretty sure it has more to do with the fact that people are concealed when they walk under the overpasses.

"Character is what we do when no one is watching."

So that's one twin to Eagle and one to go. In addition to becoming Eagle Scouts, both of these young men are striving to earn all 121 merit badges. They currently stand at 90 apiece (though, surprisingly, they don't have all of the same ones), with several others close to completion. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you work on something a little every day. Most of the credit goes to their mother for that kind of discipline.

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