June 23, 2009
How Long, Oh Lord, How Long?
Posted by Jayne Barnard

So, how long should Bernie Madoff spend in prison?  His lawyer today said no more than 12 years – “just short of an effective life sentence.”  His victims think a longer term is essential.  They want Judge Denny Chin to send him to prison for the rest of his life “with no possibility of parole, no leniency from the court, and no funny business from his defense attorneys to try to get him off.”  “He should stay in jail, under the harshest of circumstances, for the rest of his life.”  He should be treated as the criminal he is – “he is an ‘economic terrorist.’”

These quotes are from some of the victim impact statements filed with the court in anticipation of the sentencing next Monday, June 29.  Judge Chin has promised to read and consider all of these statements.  A handful of Madoff’s victims will also speak at the hearing.  So, apparently, will Bernie Madoff himself.  According to his lawyer, Madoff “will speak to the shame he has felt and to the pain he has caused.”  I’ll be in the courtroom and blog the whole pageant here on The Glom next Monday.

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