September 26, 2009
Rocky Mountain Junior Scholars Forum
Posted by Gordon Smith

If imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery, folks in the Big Ten should feel flattered right now. I liked the Big 10 Aspiring Scholars Conference from the moment I heard about it, and others at BYU felt the same way. For the past year, we have been planning our own version of the conference, and over the past two days I was pleased to assist in hosting the Rocky Mountain Junior Scholars Forum (RMJSF) at BYU. My colleague Tom Lee pulled the laboring oar on this project, and one of our own magnificent junior scholars, Margaret Tarkington, was also involved in the planning.

These events have begun to proliferate, and I think this is a great thing for young scholars. The nature of this conference was different than most conferences I attend, where young scholars often defer -- if not in fact, at least in appearance -- to more senior scholars. Watching the participants in the RMJSF interact, I saw genuine exchange and collaborative learning.

Thanks to all of the Rocky Mountain Junior Scholars for a wonderful two days!

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