November 20, 2009
A Wiki for Contracts: Transactional Lawyers Wanted
Posted by Erik Gerding

Some of my previous posts explored the implications of the Open Source movement for financial regulation.  Other legal scholars in the corporate field are taking similar ideas on peer production and collaboration in provocative directions.

George Triantis (Harvard) has set up a "Contracts Wiki" to allow transactional attorneys to collaborate and design better agreements.  The theory is if peer production works in software (like Linux), it should work for transactional documents too.  They are just different kinds of code.  This project is not only an interesting scholarly endeavor, it may also provide real value for both lawyers, particularly in smaller firms, and their clients.

The wiki will only pay dividends though if a sufficient number of practitioners participate. 

Update (11/21/09)

If you are interested here is an old link to the wiki.  I understand from Professor Triantis that the wiki is being bbeta tested with a small group of practitioners, but will go live and be open to a broader public sometime in the Spring.  I'll ask one of the regular bloggers at the Conglomerate to post a notice and a new link then. 

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