November 13, 2009
Does a Joint JD/MBA degree now make more sense?
Posted by Erik Gerding

I'd really appreciated practitioners weighing in on this question, which was put to me by a first year student interested in business law. 

When I was a law student, I thought the answer was clearly no. The cost of an additional year of tuition and the opportunity cost of year of lost salary seemed very high, and the marginal benefit seemed low; I was told that people who get a joint JD and MBA typically end up using only one of the degrees.

But I think it is hazardous to give career advice solely based on my calculations from years ago.

Does a joint JD/MBA degree now make more sense given a much tougher market for jobs? I don't think getting an additional degree mainly to wait out the rough market makes sense; riding out a storm of uncertain duration by taking on more debt seems like a bad strategy.

Then there is the recent paper by Herwig Schlunk on if (or, more precisely, for whom) law school makes sense in and of itself.

Again, practitioners, your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

(I realize my earlier posts have generated a lot of debate on whether it makes sense to go to law school to begin with, but this student is already here and seems to be enjoying it.  And I know "sunk costs don't count.")


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