November 16, 2009
Students Flocking to Law Schools
Posted by Gordon Smith

Larry Ribstein has declared "The Death of Big Law," and Erik Gerding followed with "The Death of the Big Law School." How, if at all, would these developments affect the demand for legal education?

The latest on that demand from Most Strongly Supported (clever name for an LSAT blog, by the way): "On September 26th, more students took the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) than have ever taken a single administration of the LSAT in the history of the exam." The numbers are shockingly high, almost 20% above last year's fall exam, which was the previous high:

This doesn't seem surprising. When employment markets constrict, people seek other options, including additional schooling. Moreover, it's not clear to me that the death of Big Law or the death of the Big Law School would have much of an effect on the demand for legal education, though as Erik predicts, we could very well have greater separation among tiers of law schools and we should see more pressure to lower debt loads, particularly if rankings start to reflect outcome measures rather than input measures.

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