December 18, 2009
Junior Faculty Workshops at GW
Posted by Lisa Fairfax

As my colleague Larry Cunningham over at concurring opinions has noted, the business law faculty at GW have been pretty busy lately working to launch a comprehensive business law program, the Center for Law, Economics and Finance (C-LEAF).  In addition to other endeavors, C-LEAF will feature a junior faculty workshop and junior faculty prize focused on scholarship related to business, economic and finance issues, and we will be seeking submissions for the papers in the Fall of 2010 for an event to be held in the Spring of 2011. 

Of course, law schools and law organizations often host junior faculty workshops.  Moreover, some recent junior workshops have added a substantive focus, such as those in environmental law organized jointly by Harvard, Berkeley and UCLA or the one in family law at Washington & Lee.  GW's junior workshop will focus on business and financial law.  Of course, we at the Glom are intimately familiar with junior faculty workshops tied to these issues since Christine, the rest of the Glommers and friends of the Glom pull together an impressive online version of these junior faculty workshops.  The Glom and other academic institutions promote junior faculty workshops because they help enrich the scholarship of young faculty while giving such faculty the opportunity to interact with others in the field.  So GW is excited to be building on that kind of work in this area.  Indeed, we have a strong interest in promoting scholarship in this field, and the faculty at GW wants to be a part of providing forums to exchange ideas and showcase new scholarship in this area.

As Larry noted in his post, details about the rest of the C-LEAF programs will come via a more "formal grand announcement," but these junior faculty workshops are time-sensitive enough that we wanted to provide some advance notice.  C-LEAF will host an annual or biennieal Junior Faculty Workshop starting next year.  As many as seven to ten papers may be selected for presentation at an academic workshop where senior faculty will provide feedback on the papers.  Selected authors will receive a Junior Faculty Prize--a combination of cash, symbolic recognition, and an invitation to become affiliated members of C-LEAF.  In addition to the participants and senior faculty commentators, the workshop audience will include GW Law School Faculty, and other invited guests, likely to include colleagues from the winning junior scholars' home schools, nominated by them.

Both Larry and I will provide further details about the junior faculty workshop and C-LEAF.  In addition, details will be available on the GW web site.  But interested scholars may contact any one of the business faculty at GW to get on our mailing list and receive details directly.  We are: Michael Abramowicz, Don Clarke, Larry Cunningham, Lisa Fairfax, Theresa Gabaldon, Scott Kieff, Jeff Manns, Dalia Mitchell, Larry Mitchell, and Art Wilmarth.

In the meantime, stay tuned. . .

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