December 07, 2009
Until We Meet Again
Posted by Kristin Johnson

“Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.”  Henry David Thoreau

In signing off, I want to thank The Conglomerate for allowing me to use this forum to share some of my ideas.  Many thanks to the thoughtful readers who reached out to share very insightful comments. What an exciting opportunity to hear from scholars, practitioners and students. I look forward to blogging again in the near future.

I anticipate posting shortly to SSRN two of the three papers referred to in my posts. I appreciate comments and guidance offered regarding my discussion of the necessity for market actors' participation in development of credit default swap regulation. As noted, I also believe strongly that a proper approach requires transgovernmental and international cooperation. My thoughts about the increasing globalization of markets are not only limited to credit markets. As my post on Brazil indicated, I am thoughtful about the impact of the financial crisis on arguments posited by John Coffee and Howell Jackson and other regarding listings competition among international stock exchanges. My concerns about listed securities extend to questions regarding corporate governance, particularly in the area of risk management as noted in my final posts.  I welcome thoughts on each of these topics.

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