January 31, 2010
Alas, all good things must come to an end ...
Posted by Rachel Anderson
It has been an honor to be a guest blogger at The Conglomerate. I am pleased to have had an opportunity to share some thoughts on the corporate purpose debate and global corporate citizenship, and I was thrilled to read the comments by Lyman Johnson and tamarapiety to my post entitled Corporate Purpose - The Discussion is Not Over Yet.  I had hoped to continue that conversation in my guest posts but, unfortunately, classes, appointments, editing one article, trying to get a draft of another article ready for submission, and the rest of the usual list of reasons (excuses?) siphoned off my time.  Days flew by and now it is the end of my two week visit so I will have to satisfy myself with comments, other forums for exchange such as conferences, and my own blog.  Admittedly, my own blog often suffers as a result of the same reasons (excuses?) I just noted above.  In any case, I am a loyal and avid reader of The Glom and an admirer of all those people, especially The Glom bloggers, who manage to regularly and frequently write substantive and provocative posts. Thank you again to The Glom bloggers for inviting me to join you for a visit.

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