February 12, 2010
Dispatch from Duke
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

Greetings from Durham, Glommers!  I just gave a faculty workshop here at beautiful Duke Law School, and got to catch up with Glom friends Kim Krawiec, Mitu Gulati, Steven Schwartz, and others.  This was going to be a quick post about workshop format, which I know folks at the Faculty Lounge have discussed in the recent past.  This was my first experience with the commentator speaks/author briefly responds, and I loved it!  No pressure on me to present the argument, very generous comments from Richard Schmalbeck, and plenty of time for helpful and challenging feedback from an audience who'd clearly read the paper. 

Unfortunately, then a snowflake fell in the state of Georgia, paralyzing normal business in my home state.  My husband says there's no accumulation yet, but UGA has shut down early for the day and my flight to Atlanta was canceled.  So this is now a post about the wisdom of checking your flight status before you head to the airport (whew!) and a query about things to do in Durham when you're here overnight.  And if you have any amusing, stuck-somewhere-unexpectedly stories, I'll take those, too.

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